Expanding A Crafty Cupcake

Okay… I will admit it… I am a HUGE Pinterest fan.  I pin everything; recipes I plan to make, recipes that I think I will make, recipes I likely will not make; Crafts I plan to make, crafts I want to learn to make, crafts I will never make; Household makeovers I love, but will likely never complete.  In truth, I may have a problem.

CricutingMore than four years ago, on Pinterest I stumbled across the Sihlouette Cutting Machine and I fell in love instantly.  I wanted to add this magnificent machine to my craft room.  However, at the time it certainly was not in my budget.

Fast forward to 2017 and hundreds of Pinterest finds, I fell in love again – hard – for the Cricut Machine.  I bubbled with excitement as I discovered I could print and cut my own planner stickers, my own home decor and custom clothing.  After much research and budget planning, I was finally able to expand my craft room (and ultimately my crafting business).  I can now proudly bare the title of the Crocheting Cricuteer!  That just may be my new favourite word — Cricuteer…


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