Bring on the Mermaids!!

Tips on Tuesday will return again next week… this week we are focusing on Mermaids!!

Two weeks ago, on the Facebook page, I polled the fans to see whether they would be interested in Mermaid or Unicorn crafts.  Although it was a close race, the Mermaids won the vote and this week will be dedicated to crafting with a splash!

Mermaid3It was obvious to me that I would be doing a mermaid amigurumi but I was unsure which pattern I would be using.  If you are a fan on the Facebook page, you may remember the pattern link I posted at the beginning of the month from Neogurumi.  I had planned on making this adorable mermaid to showcase, but she was a bit bigger than I had originally thought.

The search for the perfect mermaid began… I wanted something that was relatively small and worked up quickly – with summer approaching, there is a lot of yard and housework that has to be done, so a quick project was a must have.  I also wanted to find a free pattern that I could share with my readers and fans that they could make easily if they wanted.  Thanks to Pinterest, I stumbled this adorable mermaid from Black Hat Llama.

Alterations to the Original Pattern

Mermaid1As with every pattern I use, I tend to make slight alterations and this one was no different.  I was recently gifted new crochet hooks… and I must say – I absolutely LOVE my new Clover hooks.  Previously, I had been using bamboo hooks – which I preferred over basic metal hooks.  I have every size imaginable of the bamboo hooks and they have lasted me over 8 yrs (apart from the occasional loss when the puppy decided to use my hooks as a chew toy).  I currently only have 10 sizes of the Clover hooks… and of course, I did not have the required 3mm hook that this pattern called for.  I used the 3.25mm hook and my completed mermaid measures close to 6 inches in length.


I used 9mm Safety eyes which I placed between rows 12 and 13 with a spacing of 7 stitches.  Unlike the pattern suggests, I place my eyes prior to stuffing the doll and before the neck opening gets too small – I believe I inserted them when I reached row 10 of the pattern.

The hair for this project was a bit of a challenge.  In all honesty, I have never created a doll with this much hair.  Although I used the technique suggested in the pattern (pictured above, right) I found the coverage was not as I had anticipated and I added in single strands underneath the “cap” (pictured left).

A small wooden flower button and felt “cheeks” glued in place helped to complete this look.  When all is said and done, I am super happy with this little mermaid and will definitely be making more of her in the future!

Happy crocheting!!

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