Is Anyone Still Out There?

Greetings, my fellow crafters.

It has been a while.

While I have remained active on Instagram, this blog has definitely suffered a bit.  It is ACCGirlRenNyantime that I brushed off the dust and started posting here again.  I have been busy this month preparing posts and ideas to get this blog rolling again.  During my absence, I have also gotten a personalized crochet Chibi avatar drawn by the amazing Ren_Nyan.

In other news, I now have an active – although small – crochet community on discord.  Here we talk about all aspects of crochet, sharing our recent creations and we have monthly crochet-a-longs and pattern shares.  Members of my discord will have the first chance to test any patterns that I create.

If you are interested in joining the Crafty Crocheters Discord, click HERE.

So, grab yourself a tasty beverage, your crochet hooks and let’s settle in for some crafting!

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