Settling In Nicely

It has been a crazy busy end to the summer of 2018 for this family.  Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, this blog took a back burner.  We decided to move our family to a new town – and school district – before the start of the new school year.  After a few months of searching, we found a house that would be perfect for us.  Although the new house is only about a half hour drive from our old one, we were moving into a new crochetandmugcounty and a new school district, which meant a huge change for all of us.  I am so proud of how the children adjusted to these changes over the past few weeks – bigger schools, new friends and new schedules.  As for me, I now have a set space for crafting – rather than sharing the living room/computer room.  As you can imagine, there has been a lot to do to get settled into our new home, but everything is coming together and I am finally able to sit down an blog again.  I have a lot planned for the upcoming weeks and I hope you will join me in crafting!

I would also like to once again thank Megan of Lovebird Heartworks, my of so amazing guest blogger during my absence.


Crafting a Mother’s Day Gift

It’s that time of year again… time to show your love, admiration and appreciation for the woman who gave you life — Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!!

Since purchasing my Cricut Explore Air 2, I have really been enjoying the creative process for several different crafts.  It really did not take long to decide what I would make my mother for her Mother’s Day Gift.


The first step to creating the best Mother’s Day gift was to find the perfect frame. I found this shadow box mirror style frame at a local Dollar Store for $4.99. Great deal!


This project could have easily been completed with card stock – in actuality, that was my plan… until I discovered that my children had used ALL of our cardstock during their last History project. After finding the perfect design that my mother would love, it was time to send it to the Cricut and start the cutting process.


Since I would not be using cardstock, I had to clean and prepare the mirror surface for the vinyl application. After this I completed the weeding – which was quite time consuming.


After the vinyl application.


And the project is complete!  It never occurred to me how difficult it would be to take a picture of a mirror. And this picture really does not do the final product justice.  I love how this turned out… so much so, that I have a similar project in mind for Father’s Day!



Here is a closeup of the intricate design…  I simply love this!  If you are interested in this, or similar designs, please check out one of my favourite Etsy shoppes: Fox Sister.

Expanding A Crafty Cupcake

Okay… I will admit it… I am a HUGE Pinterest fan.  I pin everything; recipes I plan to make, recipes that I think I will make, recipes I likely will not make; Crafts I plan to make, crafts I want to learn to make, crafts I will never make; Household makeovers I love, but will likely never complete.  In truth, I may have a problem.

CricutingMore than four years ago, on Pinterest I stumbled across the Sihlouette Cutting Machine and I fell in love instantly.  I wanted to add this magnificent machine to my craft room.  However, at the time it certainly was not in my budget.

Fast forward to 2017 and hundreds of Pinterest finds, I fell in love again – hard – for the Cricut Machine.  I bubbled with excitement as I discovered I could print and cut my own planner stickers, my own home decor and custom clothing.  After much research and budget planning, I was finally able to expand my craft room (and ultimately my crafting business).  I can now proudly bare the title of the Crocheting Cricuteer!  That just may be my new favourite word — Cricuteer…


A Crafty Cupcake… The Update

TeaCupFirst and foremost, WELCOME to the new blog!!  For the past several years, I have struggled on and off with content for my blog.  While A Crafty Cupcake has primarily been a crocheting home business and has always been something I have greatly enjoyed – and I still do, crochet has never been the sole craft I have enjoyed.  Why should my blog – and online shoppe, for that matter – only focus on one craft?!  It is time for this blog to grow!  It’s time to focus on a variety of crafting avenues, after all, this isn’t a blog about “A Crochet Cupcake”…. It’s about A CRAFTY CUPCAKE!

My blog (and website) will be having a Grand Re-Opening.  The first change you will notice is a new blogging platform – Hello, WordPress.  In an attempt to create a more user friendly experience, I have moved away from Blogger and embraced a WordPress blog.  Stay tuned to my Facebook fan page for more details for the Grand Re-Opening in the upcoming weeks.  And be sure to pop onto the new Instagram page and give me a follow.

As for this blog… what can you expect?  Tutorials… Freebies (who doesn’t love those?!) and of course, updates on what I am making.  I will be focusing on crochet items, Cricut’d items (yes – that’s a word now… you can trust me on that one), and planner related crafts, because everyone should have a planner to keep track of their crafting.  After the grand opening, you can expect to see multiple blog posts weekly on a variety of topics.

I look forward to crafting with you!!