A Crafty Cupcake… The Update

TeaCupFirst and foremost, WELCOME to the new blog!!  For the past several years, I have struggled on and off with content for my blog.  While A Crafty Cupcake has primarily been a crocheting home business and has always been something I have greatly enjoyed – and I still do, crochet has never been the sole craft I have enjoyed.  Why should my blog – and online shoppe, for that matter – only focus on one craft?!  It is time for this blog to grow!  It’s time to focus on a variety of crafting avenues, after all, this isn’t a blog about “A Crochet Cupcake”…. It’s about A CRAFTY CUPCAKE!

My blog (and website) will be having a Grand Re-Opening.  The first change you will notice is a new blogging platform – Hello, WordPress.  In an attempt to create a more user friendly experience, I have moved away from Blogger and embraced a WordPress blog.  Stay tuned to my Facebook fan page for more details for the Grand Re-Opening in the upcoming weeks.  And be sure to pop onto the new Instagram page and give me a follow.

As for this blog… what can you expect?  Tutorials… Freebies (who doesn’t love those?!) and of course, updates on what I am making.  I will be focusing on crochet items, Cricut’d items (yes – that’s a word now… you can trust me on that one), and planner related crafts, because everyone should have a planner to keep track of their crafting.  After the grand opening, you can expect to see multiple blog posts weekly on a variety of topics.

I look forward to crafting with you!!