Dainty Daisy Granny

On our Discord channel – Crafty Crocheters – we have jumped back into weekly Granny


Square pattern shares.  This week we have chosen the Dainty Daisy Granny by Just Be Crafty.   One of the great things about this pattern – especially for beginner crocheters – is that it in addition to the written pattern, there is also a video.

This square is on the small size.  Using the recommended 5mm hook, my square was only  2.5inches squared in size.  If I were to make a blanket using this pattern, I would add a few rounds to increase the size of each square.  This pattern works up so quickly and will make a wonderful addition to any granny square blanket!

Happy crocheting!


The Basic Granny

One of the simplest crochet patterns that I have discovered is the basic granny square.  It is generally accepted that any square pattern for a blanket block is now considered to be classified as a “Granny Square” but a true Granny Square is similar to this basic pattern.  You can find are several deviations to the main pattern online, but the final product is a result of double-crochet-clusters forming a square.

My goal for this blog (and the discord channel) is to share a granny pattern every week to inspire you to create your own afghans.

Basic Granny Square

Pattern Notes:

This pattern is worked in squared rows, joining with a slip stitch at the end of every squared row. The size of this pattern can easily be adjusted by continuing the pattern to your desired size or changing your hook size.  Colour changes may be completed as frequently as you like, simply join your new colour before starting the Ch3 of the next row.

I prefer to start my Squared Rows in the corner stitch, so after I have joined with a Sl St, I continue to sl st to the corner – this is my personal preference, many other crochets simply start the next row at the sl st join.

TERMS used in this Pattern:
Ch: Chain
SC: Single Crochet
DC: Double Crochet
Sl St: Slip Stitch
FO: Finish Off

Size: Varied
Hooks: 5.5mm hooks
Yarns: Any worsted weight yarns
I used Loops & Threads Impeccable.
Using 5.5mm hook

1. Ch4. DC 2 into the third chain from the hook.  This creates your first DC Cluster. * Ch2. DC 3 into the same chain space as the first cluster * Repeat until you have 4 clusters.  Ch2. Sl St to beginning chain to form a square.  I now sl st to the corner to start my next squared row.


2.  Ch3. DC 2 into the ch2 space from the previous round. Ch2. DC 3 into the same ch2 space. Ch2. (You will now have a DC cluster, Ch2 and another DC cluster, Ch2 in the corner space).


Continue this pattern of DC 3, Ch2, DC 3, Ch2  in each corner Ch2 space around the square and join with a sl st. As before, sl st to the corner.  Your final result of this squared row will be 8 DC clusters separated by a Ch2 between each.


3.  Ch3. DC 2 into the ch2 space from the previous round. Ch2. DC 3 into the same ch2 space. Ch2  (You will now have a DC cluster, CH2 and another DC cluster in the corner space). You will now create a cluster in the first non-corner ch2 space from the previous row: DC 3, ch2.  You will now be at the second corner space, do a double cluster: DC 3, ch2, DC 3, Ch2.  Repeat this pattern around and join with a sl st.  Again, I sl st to the corner space. Your final result of this squared row will be 12 DC clusters separated by a Ch2 between each.


4.  Repeat the pattern of DC 3, ch2 in each ch2 space from the previous row until the desired size of your granny square is reached.  Remember to always complete a double cluster each corner.


5.  Once your desired size has been achieved, simply create a SC in each st around the square.  This final step will assist in joining the completed squares to form a full blanket.  FO and weave in all ends.

If you are a visual learner, there are many videos on YouTube to help you with this style of square.

Happy crafting!