Guest Blogger — Halloween Sugar Skulls

I have had a packed schedule lately and have reached out to other crafters to keep this blog hopping while I am away…  please welcome our first Guest Blogger, Megan and show her some love!  I love the idea of supporting other crafters and getting new ideas!  I am hoping to make the Guest Blogger a regular feature!!  If you would like to be featured on this blog, please send me a quick message here or on my Facebook page.



With Halloween rapidly approaching I wanted to take this opportunity as a guest blogger here at A Crafty Cupcake to share my very own SVG Sugar Skull Bundle as an early Halloween Treat.

I’d like to take a quick moment to introduce myself. I’m Megan, aka Lovebird from ​Lovebird Heartworks​. Crafting since I can remember and addicted to Cricut since Christmas of 2016. Here’s a little behind the scenes peek of my “Creation Station”.

Creation Station.JPG

The sweet bundle shown above is in SVG/PNG format and can be used with most cutting machines. Created as a Mix & Match Bundle, you can use these files to Build Your Own Custom Sugar Skull as simple or intricate as you’d like. With 22 different features and 2 skull bases there are THOUSANDS of possibilities to play with! I have even included a few finished examples. ​


Here is a tank top I created using just a few of these designs and some Black Glitter HTV from B-Flex America​ (ps. Use the coupon code LOVEHTV for 5% off your whole order).

Tank - sugar skull

These Sugar Skulls can be used to create all sorts of designs with HTV, adhesive vinyl, paper decorations, coloring book pages and so much more… I’m so excited to share these with you and I hope that you have as much fun playing with them as I had creating them!

Sugar Skull Options


Create An Amazing Day!

Lovebird Logo - written (connected)2

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SVG Round-up: Camping

Our family has recently found a love for camping.  Getting away from home and work life has been very beneficial and has provided us with some much needed time to unplug.  I have put my crafty skills to work and made a tonne of fun things to assist us on our trips.  I love all the camping themed SVG’s I have found online and have a Must Make List about a mile long – it’s not just me, right?!

Today, I have taken the work out of searching for camping related SVG’s for you… below I have assembled some of my free favourite cutting files.  Be sure to read the creator’s terms of use prior to downloading any of these; most of the files are for personal use only.  All links were working at the time of posting and I receive no commission for these links or downloads.









Until next time… Happy Crafting!



Father’s Day: A Success!

Birthdays, holidays and special events are the perfect time to give the gift of homemade items.  During these times you can practice and really perfect your craft before selling things to the masses.  I always struggle with gifts to make for my father, but with the aide of my new Cricut Explore Air 2, I feel like I really knocked it out of the park this year!

The first step to creating the perfect Cricut’d gift is to either create the perfect SVG or purchase one.  Caty Catherine is one of my favourite websites to visit for SVG files.  Great prices and excellent quality files will make this a favourite of yours as well.  I nabbed an amazing full alphabet file.  The possibilities really are endless with this one.  The first shirt I designed was relatively simple to create and adhere.


I also purchased a file from Greedy Stitches on Etsy.  I just couldn’t decide on which design I liked best, so I made both styles.



Friday Freebies: Father’s Day Edition

I am a crafty being — I prefer to make my gifts rather than purchase things.  Father’s Day has always been difficult for me.  Trying to find something that my father will appreciate AND use is sometimes very complicated.  This year, thanks to my new Cricut Air Explore 2, the task of gift making was slightly easier.  I will be posting a detailed entry about how I created a gift for my father early next week.

In the mean time, here are some great freebies to get you started if you are still searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift.  Simply click on the images to be taken to the original site to download the images.


Poofy Cheeks is offering a large amount of Father’s Day SVG files for free!  Pop over the site to download these great files!


These fun files are available from Caluya Designs.


I love all the designs over at Burton Avenue!! Check out this Free for a Limited Time design!


Another great SVG from LoveSVG.


That’s all for now!  I hope you enjoyed this Father’s Day round up!

I do not receive any sort of commission when you visit these sites or download these files.  Be sure to read the regulations set in place by each creator prior to downloading any files.  The majority of free files are for personal use ONLY (this means, you cannot sell items made from the files you have downloaded).

If you use any of these files, be sure to thank the original creator (if possible) and I would love to see your creations on twitter!   At the time of posting, all of these links were free and active.

Friday Finds: Mermaid Edition

To close off this week, I will be sharing some of my favourite mermaid files that I have found recently.  There are both crochet patterns and SVG files listed below.  I do not receive any compensation when you click on these links.  I am not affiliated with any of the sites mentioned below.  If you create anything from these files, I would love to see it!! Feel free to share your creations on social media with me.



Caty Catherine offers a super fun waterbottle SVG.  The drink chart is always helpful to ensure you are drinking enough fluids on hot summer days.


I simply adore this saying!  I think I will create something with this file in the future.  The swirly font and the mermaid tail are my favourite aspects here.  You can purchase this file from the Hello Felicity Etsy Shoppe.



When my youngest was about 5, she was a huge Tangled fan.  I remember creating a crochet play wig for her that she spent hours wearing.  Little ones always love dressing up! If your child is a Little Mermaid fan, how about an Ariel play wig?  This pattern can be purchased on Etsy.


Cuddler designs are so very popular right now.  This adorable mermaid pattern can be found at 3am Grace Designs.  And best of all, it’s FREE!

That’s all for now!  I hope you have enjoyed this round up!  At the time of posting, all links were active.  If you find an inactive link, you may report it to me using the Contact Me page.

Happy Crafting!!

Cricut Tutorial: Merbaby Onesie

Is there anything cuter than a baby?!  How about a baby in an adorable handmade onesie?!

For Mermaid Week, I wanted to create a simple baby onesie – something that was adorable, but simple enough for Cricut beginners to attempt.  After playing around in Cricut Design Space, I came up with a cute and simple design.  To “mermaid it up” I used Siser Glitter HTV in the shade Mermaid (how convenient).  Always remember to mirror your work when cutting HTV.  This design will weed very quickly.  Some glitter will remain on the protective layer.  The displaced glitter will not transfer onto or affect your completed project.


If you are using the Cricut Easy Press, set your machine according to this chart.  I used Gerber 100% cotton onesies for this project, so my Easy Press was set to 340°F/171°C.  Always warm or pre-press your onesie prior to pressing the HTV.  Place the HTV onto the onesie, approximately 1 inch from the neckline, or eyeball the design to where you feel it looks best.  If you take too long doing this step, you may want to reheat the material surface.


Press your onesie for the recommended about of time (30 seconds for my project).  When pressing onesies it is important to avoid the shoulder and neckline areas (I will have an in-depth blog post about this in the near future).  If you press directly over the shoulder folds you will not get a full seal and your vinyl will not stick (it will likely fall off after a few washes).  With this design, I was able to put my press on a slight diagonal to avoid the excess fold material.  After removing the protective layer I usually press again for about 10 seconds with a pieces of parchment paper over it.  Turn your entire project over and press it again from the back. Be sure to note the shoulder folds again.


In the future, I hope to offer more files and in various formats.  At this time, the files are in PNG and SVG only.  By downloading any files from A Crafty Cupcake, you are agreeing to these terms.  You may use these files to create items for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  Please do not share, resell or claim any of these files as your own.


Friday Freebies: Mother’s Day SVGs

The internet is a fantastic place… full of crafting inspiration and files for you to use in your crafting projects.  The important thing to remember is that the original creator maintains the copyright to their creations.  Even thought many items can be found free online, it is important to respect and abide by the original creator’s rules.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching I have assembled a few of my favourite free SVG files.  I do not receive any sort of commission when you visit these sites or download these files. Be sure to read the regulations set in place by each creator prior to downloading any files.  The majority of free files are for personal use ONLY (this means, you cannot sell items made from the files you have downloaded).

If you use any of these files, be sure to thank the original creator (if possible) and I would love to see your creations on twitter!  Simply click on the images below to be taken to the file site.  At the time of posting, all of these links were free and active.


This fun SVG is offered by LoveSVG. It is for personal use only.


This file not only includes the “Mom” file, but has been updated to add “Nana”. This one is from Lilly Ashley of Make It Create.


This is a wonderful file from Burton Avenue. It is only free for a limited time. Burton Avenue offers their freebies for download for personal use but there is an option to purchase a commercial license for each file.