Crochet Cuddler: Unicorn

Next to amigurumi, my favourite things to crochet are infant security cuddlers and lovies.  Cuddlers and lovies are a cuter version of a security blanket.  Cuddlers have a kawaii pillow look.  Unlike traditional crochet stuffies, these Cuddlers are lightly stuffed so that small arms can wrap around them easily.  Lovies, on the other hand are part security blanket  and part stuffie – with a crochet stuffie head (and sometimes arms).  As both items are intended for toddlers, they are small in size.


I knew I wanted to start creating Cuddlers right away when I stumbled across 3AM Grace Designs a few weeks ago.  The ladies at that site have created so many adorable (and free!) patterns.  If you are interested in showing support, the ad-free, printable versions of the patterns may be purchased for a small fee.

The first design I was drawn to was, of course, the unicorn.  This pattern, written in standard US terms, was very easy to follow.  Pictures through out made the addition of the snout, ears and horn a breeze.

I did not test my gauge prior to starting this project – which is not uncommon for me when creating non-wearables.  Using the required 5.0mm hook, my completed Cuddler measured 12.75inches from horn tip to neck base and 9.5inches across, from snout to the back of neck/mane.  For the eye, I used a large shank button (I am unsure of the actual size) rather than the safety eye that the pattern called for.  Also, I did not use a popsicle stick for the horn, I simply stuffed the horn slightly firmer than the rest of the Cuddler.


I am so happy with how this project turned out – I do plan on making several more versions of this magical Cuddler!

If you have attempted a Cuddler as well, I would love to see it – tag me on social media.

Happy Crocheting!



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